BTC- 50-10000 satoshi-60 min


Выплаты понижены до 50 сатошей. Как только будет решена защита от бота, ставка будет повышена. К новому году вас ожидает сюрприз.Оставайтесь с нами.

Balance: 28 satoshi

80-10000 satoshi every 60 minutes.

Что бы кнопка стала активной кликните по рекламе .Сначало активируйте кнопку а затем вводите капчу.


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Today it is more correct to see Bitcoin not as a currency, much as metavalue, convenient means of transferring money between residents of different countries — a kind of alternative to Bank or transfer systems like Western Union. Indeed, to the stock exchange within a few minutes to exchange dollars for Bitcoins, transferring them to his friend abroad (without interest Today it is more correct to consider Bitcoin not so much as a single currency, much as metavalue, convenient means of transferring money between residents of different countries — a kind of alternative to Bank transfer or Western Union systems. Indeed, to the stock exchange within a few minutes to convert dollars to Bitcoin, transfer them to his friend abroad (without interest for the translation), and he spent several minutes exchanging back and get another $ Webmoney or other payment system that is tied to a real Bank account. At the moment Bitcoin as payment for taking hundreds of shops and services. Due to the openness, the original Bitcoin code was used to create many alternative cryptocurrencies. Increasingly, it has been suggested that as at the time e-mail stripped the traditional mail of the lion's share of earnings and simplified the lives of people, Skype and other VoIP technologies are forced to move a telephone company, and Bitcoin or currency, built on the same principles, can find its niche in the financial system of the planet, forcing you to move over traditional currency. And these currencies are in much the mass has long been unsecured wrappers and printed in any desired quantities, which creates a lot of problems, the solution of which pays for their labor, using all possible resources, the bulk of people in the world, without even knowing it and without knowing what proportion of their work is spent on the welfare of the population of other countries. In quality electronic money can be replaced partially or even completely displace when calculating cash. However, the Central banks of most countries are very wary of the development of electronic money, fear of uncontrolled emissions and other possible abuses; although the electronic cash can provide numerous benefits (speed, ease of use, greater safety, lower transaction fees). In addition, the turnover of electronic money is used fairly sophisticated technology, and commercial banks are not always willing and able to independently develop new products. Complete expulsion of real money from circulation and the introduction of full-fledged virtual currency - it's not the distant future.Now that you have the technology to create a decentralized, fully distributed currency, no doubt remains: such systems like Bitcoin is definitely here to stay. Digital currency Bitcoin is a type of electronic currency future foreign exchange market. It should be understood that it is not profitable to mine bitcoins, even working in Pula (profit, if any, is too small). The reason to buy bitcoin is only for the purpose of speculation, or to buy expensive equipment for ASIC-mainiga. But we must remember that the number of bitcoins is limited and the calculation of each next hash becomes incredibly heavy and soon ASIC will also remain on the sidelines. Of course, will come up with a new car, which will cost tens of thousands of dollars, but is it worth it? This question is addressed only bitcoin, not cryptocurrency in General. Because the speed dial litecoin, meinig which is much easier. In their system eliminated many of the shortcomings betaine, and though litecoin is not yet listed so high, they certainly have huge potential.